Double seat for BMW (STD): BMW用ダブルシート (STD)

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BMW monolever ( R100RS, R100,R80,R100 trad) Twin suspention (R100CS, R100S,R100RS) Not for GS and roadstar.

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当店オリジナルのボルトオンシート。 ノーマルの重い印象のあるシートカウル付きシートと交換すれば、2本サス”スラッシュ系”を彷彿とさせるフォルムが実現します。
・The Ritomo Sereno original volt-on seat.
・The seat height is same as original one.
・The seat width is thinner than original one so that you can step easily.
・You can use a seat opening , helmet holder, tail lamp, indicator and pannier case as it stands. ※For twin suspension, need seat hinge for mono-lever and pin separately.

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